Eton Cox Green School Outreach


I knew that many state schools in the UK had students who wished to learn how to debate but did not have the resources to do so. Thus, it became clear that I could contribute significantly in an area that others had neglected. It was not long before I pitched the idea of leading a program dedicated to teaching students from state schools how to debate to the Head of Outreach Activities at my school. After finding out that the students at Cox Green School were keen to receive instruction, we partnered together and began weekly Monday sessions where a group of students from Eton and I would slowly develop the foundational skills needed for debate through lectures, practice debates, and interactive activities. Near the end of the first phase of the program, as all of the previous sessions had taken place online, it seemed like a wonderful idea to end by meeting in person. Therefore, after much preparation, the Cox Green students were able to experience some time at Eton, having a nice lunch, followed by a formal debate with teams made up of a mixture of Eton College and Cox Green School students.

— Rajas Nanda
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In Person Finale